How do I pay?

Payments can be done with card or cash at Security Warehouse, or you are welcome to EFT the payment. However, payments must be made at least 3 days prior to your training date.
Please take note that price will include a training manual, a pen to make notes with and lunch.

What if I miss a day during my training?

You are entitled to cancel your training with no penalty applicable but it must be two days prior to your training starting.


If you miss your date, a 50% penalty fee will apply to rebook it.


If you miss a day during your training, it will be your responsibility to study the training manual in order to pass the main exam. There will be no refunds or exceptions made to accommodate additional training dates. In special cases we may be able to accommodate some assistance.

What is the pass rate in order to qualify for my training?

70% is the compulsory pass rate in order for you to be certified for that particular training.
You can, however, rewrite your exam at another pre-arranged time at a charge of R250 – to be organised with your trainer in advance.

How can I obtain a new training certificate?

Any certificate issued more than three years ago will require a retake of the course due to the continuous change in technology, normal training prices will apply. If you managed to stay up to date with the technology, you may wish to only rewrite the exam at a charge of R250.

Do you offer COC training?

Unfortunately not, however, we can assist you in finding a suitable training centre near you who offers certified COC training.

Can I register for training privately or do I have to be referred by a company?

Yes you may register for training privately as an individual.

Once I have completed my training will I be qualified as an installer?

Yes, absolutely! However, please take note that after you installed an electric fence, you will require a COC specialist to sign the project off. You will also require a Fire Specialist to sign off a fire detection system after installation.

Do I need any specific skills prior to starting a training course?

It will help if you have a basic understanding of electricity as well as computer knowledge, although not compulsory.

Are you registered with SETA/PSIRA/SASSETA?

Security Warehouse’s Training Academy is an approved and authorised SASSETA Accredited Facility with a PSIRA membership.

Will I be automatically registered with SETA/PSIRA/SASSETA once I have completed my training with Security Warehouse?

Unfortunately no, however, we can offer assistance and guidance on how to register with them.

Can I attend a training session last minute as and when I am free?

We will not be able to accommodate you in this way. Our courses are pre-scheduled and in most cases fully occupied thus leaving no space for “drop-in” situations. We therefore asked that you follow the booking process to ensure placement on your preferred training course to avoid disappointment.